The Take over of New Orleans Public Schools





“We cannot improve education by quick fixes. We will not fix education by turning public schools over to entrepreneurs. We will not improve it by driving out experience professionals and replacing them with enthusiastic amateurs. We will not make our schools better by closing them and firing teachers and entire staffs. No high-performing nation in the world follows such strategies.”
Diane Ravitch


Contact Your Legislator

Write your elected officials. Find out whether any Congressmen or Senators from your state are on the education committee in their House of Congress.

Write members of the education committees even if you don’t live in their state. Ask your colleagues to write letters to them. 

Contact Your Senator

Contact Your Representative

Schedule a Meeting with Your Local Legislator, Member of Congress, or Representative...

Invite parents, teachers, and community leaders. Prepare a list of issues and explain to them how federal and state regulations are harming their schools and what must be done to remove these burdens. Explain that what the media calls “reform” has no evidence and is actually the opposite of real improvement.

Remind them why public education is important and how it matters as a cornerstone of our democracy. 

Join the Network for Public Education

You will get the latest information about the efforts of parents, educators, and concerned citizens to stop the privatization of our public schools and to stop the overuse and misuse of testing. In addition, we endorse candidates who support public education. Join us and learn about the organizations in your community, city, or state that shares your values.


Join Parents Across America

This is a group of parents who want to work together to strengthen public education and restore common sense reforms.




  • Run for your school board.
  • Run for elected office in your town, your city, your community, your state. 
  • Vote fore candidates who pledge to support public education and to fund the needs of children and schools. 
  • Invite local civic and business leaders to spend a day in your classroom and school. Invite them to teach for a day. 
  • Build alliances between teachers, principals, parents, and the local community to support children and the school.