The Take over of New Orleans Public Schools


A Perfect Storm is made possible by a dedicated team of filmmakers, activists, parents, educators and community organizers. We have  spent the 11 years since hurricane Katrina, dedicated to exposing the truth behind the systematic dismantling of our public schools and the communities they served.


DIRECTOR: Phoebe Ferguson 
is a local activist and documentary filmmaker. She spent 20 years in New York before returning to make her award winning film Member of The Club, which tells the story of long held African American Mardi Gras traditions in New Orleans.

Phoebe began documenting the changes in the school system in 2006. She is a member of the New Orleans Education Equity Roundtable, and the Louisiana Alliance to Reclaim our Schools. She is also a founding member and the Executive Director of The Plessy and Ferguson Foundation where her work on equity and social justice continues.


is an accomplished editor, animator, and documentary filmmaker. He has worked extensively in documentary production in the areas of education advocacy and reproductive rights in New Orleans. Tobias currently lives in Brooklyn and is the director of motion graphics, editing, and compositing for a major ad agency in New York City.

PRODUCER: Dr. Raynard Sanders 
has over forty years of experience in teaching, educational administration, and community development. Since Hurricane Katrina his work has focused on educational equity and the privatization of public education. Dr. Sanders has conducted numerous seminars and workshops across the country and written articles on the market based education reforms sweeping the country. For seven years Dr. Sanders served as the host of The New Orleans Imperative, a weekly radio show that nurtured and fostered public awareness around public education. His soon to be released book entitled, The Coup D'état of the New Orleans Public School District, tells the untold story of the education reforms implemented post Hurricane Katrina. 



PRODUCER: Karran Harper Royal 
works as an Education Advocate in New Orleans for Pyramid Community Parent Resource Center and as a consultant with the Southern Poverty Law Center.  She is a member of the Louisiana Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, the New Orleans Education Equity Roundtable and the Coalition for Community Schools New Orleans which is a member of the national Journey for Justice Alliance. She speaks nationally and internationally about the changes in public education in New Orleans. Karran is also the coordinator of the Louisiana Alliance for Reclaiming  Our Schools which fights for community schools and whole child learning and against the privatization of our public schools.